Monday, May 27, 2013


the strangest thing just happened..

i moved into a place with a bunch of complete strangers [besides my man..] and a community was born. in a large three level house close to the downtown, there are three units.. the basement [us], the main floor [passive couple and their brother] and a dude upstairs [on the top floor]. the brother had just as recently moved in as we had, and it turns out he's big on gardening and plants. instahomies! same goes for my boyfriend with the guy on the top floor, they both play magic the gathering. nerrrrrds! ha...

when we moved in there was more or less a meadow in the back yard. somewhere back beyond the rolling grass there lies a fire pit, a small bed for vegetables, some lawn furniture, and lots and lots of space. the mower given by the landlord had broken down, and hadn't been replaced as promised, and little care was given for the yard.

i went out one day with a hand cutter and a weed pulling tool and started hacking away at the longest patch of grass, it was also the sunniest place in the yard. i figured if tomatoes will grow anywhere, it will be here. i started with only a small square, i had made a clearing in the meadow for a foodpatch.

later on that evening, the brother upstairs came out and started digging too. he wanted to have tomatoes he said.. i told him i was interested in growing as much food as i can. we continued to dig in our respective corners until there wasn't any sunlight. the next day my boyfriend joined in, helped me cut back more grass and expand the bed. suddenly there was a passion to grow food.. suddenly, everyone started working together to improve the property. the couple cleaned the house, the guy up top offered to pitch in on maintenance, and the boys and i dug and raked and mowed. and of course, planted..

the image of an actual back yard is starting to shine through. the efforts of everyone involved are something to take pride in, something worth sharing. next time we have company over, it will feel more like a backyard party and less like a tailgater in the back bush. the yard feels more open, there's a lot more space than we imagined to grow food, hang out and enjoy nature, and entertain ourselves and our guests. suddenly a group of people that kept to themselves came together... and a new community was born.

to be continued...

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